Join our Bush Play Group

Bush play group runs every Wednesday during term time between 10:00-12:30pm and is open to Aboriginal children and their families. The aim of Bush play group is for young children (with their fathers, mothers, grandparents, carers) to come along, have fun, meet other families and learn about Aboriginal culture in a bush setting.

Bush Play Group is run by two Aboriginal facilitators along with guest Aboriginal Elders each term. We share Aboriginal stories, dance, explore the bush, learn about native plants and animals and do cultural activities.

Food is supplied each week.

Also, for parents or carers with transport challenges, Willum Warrain can supply car seats and taxi vouchers. Please contact the gathering place to organise a car seat or voucher.  We want all our families to be able to get here!

We want our bubups grown up strong in culture!

Contact our Cultural Lead – Women’s Business for more information.