Willum Warrain Aboriginal Bush Nursery

Willum Warrain is a 100% Aboriginal community-owned bush nursery specialising in local indigenous plants from the Mornington Peninsula. Many of the plants we sell have cultural uses and meanings for Aboriginal peoples in South East Australia.

We are the only Aboriginal-run nursery retail and wholesale nursery south of Melbourne open to the public. We are very keen to take on larger orders (with warning) from businesses and agencies seeking to achieve Reconciliation Action Plan goals and meet procurement targets.

We really appreciate the support of friends, allies and corporate clients who have been so keen to support our local Aboriginal mob developing this important social enterprise, creating employment opportunities for our Aboriginal community.

You can drop in weekdays throughout the school term and purchase plants – we are currently growing over 100 species. Please see our exciting range of top 5 Deadly Plants (murnong, lomandra, chocolate lily, appleberry, karkalla) and our top 5 wetland and top 5 bush flower selections.

We seek not to just sell plants but share cultural knowledge – every plant has its own dreaming. The vast majority of the plants we sell are growing in our Koorie Plant Trail and Pun Pun (billabong) area and can be viewed in situ. We are aiming over time to completely source all seed and propagation stock from our premises and take the pressure of local remnant reserves which are increasingly endangered by over-harvesting and weed infestation.

Thank you for supporting our efforts to heal country.

Plants are available in various sizes:-

  • standard tube – $2.80

  • super tube – $5

  • medium pots – $8

  • larger pots – $10

  • price for standard tube orders over 500 plants, $2.40

For full plant list as of August 24th, 2023 click here.

Please note, not all the plants listed are presently available but most will be in late autumn or early spring 2022.

For plant information click here.

Please email Willum Warrain for Bush Nursery enquiries or sales bushnursery@willumwarrain.org.au

Every Plant has its own dreaming

View ABC’s Gardening Australia feature on Willum Warrain, Friday 22nd September 2023. 

New season murnong appearing at Willum Warrain. Bree took this photo in autumn at our Bush Nursery. It is quite magical the way the seed capsule is hoist aloft by the emerging plant. Ancient cycles, our ancestor plants…….