We currently have 20 staff who all love working at the Gathering Place and do a great job on behalf of the community:

Tammie Sipthorpe – Cultural Tour Guide

John McLean – Cultural Tour Guide

Eddie Cooper – Bush Nursery Worker

Angela Estcourt – Cultural Lead, Elders /Women’s Business/ Gathering Place Tour Guide

Julie Morgan – Cultural Engagement, Women’s Business/ Gathering Place Tour Guide/ Bush Nursery Worker

Melissa Stebbing Cultural Support, Elders

Trent Wilford – Grounds and maintenance worker

Evelin Davis – Bush Nursery worker

Sissy Edwards – Bush Nursery Worker

Natalie Schwabegger – Bush Nursery Worker

Eddie Lenart – Bush Nursery Worker

Evelin Davis – Bush Nursery Worker

Justine Lenart – Bush Nursery Worker

Felicia Upton– Bush Nursery Manager

Sammy Trist – Cultural Lead, Arts and Projects / Gathering Place Tour Guide

Nadia Douglas – Community Engagement Officer / Gathering Place Tour Guide

Sammy Vullers – Administration Officer

Belinda Black – Accounts Officer

Karsten Poll – Executive Officer/ Operations

Peter Aldenhoven – Chief Executive Officer

Drop in anytime and introduce yourselves – they will make you welcome.