Willum Warrain Board is responsible for all aspects of the Association’s operations.

We meet regularly to discuss matters such as governance, financial operations, funding, staffing, programs and events, applications for membership, risk management and so on.

We make decisions on behalf of the community for the community in the best interests of the community.

We are all volunteers:

Aaron Simmler – President

Rob Morgan – Vice-President

Hillary Aldenhoven – Secretary

Jeanette Kaindel – Treasurer

Taniesha Webster – Ordinary member

Shirley Slann – Ordinary member

Aunty Helen Bnads – Ordinary member

If you’re interested in joining our board please see the application form:

N.B. The Board is always looking for ideas, feedback and advice on improving our organisation.
Please contact us at any time.

With your help, we want to make WILLUM WARRAIN the best Gathering Place it can be.