Willum Warrain’s Master Plan

The Master Plan project has mapped out the growth in Willum Warrain over the past years, and has identified the clear need, supported throughout the consultations, for the Gathering Place to continue to grow, construct new facilities, and take on greater lease responsibilities outside of its current footprint. The Shire has sought the development of this Master Plan to clarify Willum Warrain’s Vision and overall direction for the next 10-20 years

With an increase in population and interest in the site, Willum Warrain has now outgrown its facilities. Future projections show in five years there will be over 10,000 visitors per year and local membership will increase to 3000 people.

Of course, this big dreaming comes with a big price tag …  $6.8m!  But we are determined.  And the long journey starts with first steps.  We are applying for government and philanthropic grants that will get us a good way there.  Some grants are looked upon more favourably if we can show strong local support or provide matching funding – this is where we need you.

can you help bring our vision to life?

We are now raising $150K to:

  • Demonstrate to grant-money providers that their money is locally supported;

  • Commence phase one of our building program (when permissions allow) which focuses on a new entrance building and parking for more visitors;

  • To fast track employment opportunities for our mob down this way.

As you know, the goal for Willum Warrain’s Entrance building fund-raiser is $150,000. We have raised $49,000 so far as our thermometer shows! We have raised over $9,000 via our GoFundMe campaign with 40 donors contributing to our exciting future so far. We have also had some fantastic support recently too from three benefactors who donated directly into our building account, including $15,000 from the HG Children’s Foundation, $5,000 from Julie Kantor and $20,000 from Grow Corp . Thanks on behalf of our community to all donors, small and big. We really appreciate your belief in our mob on the Mornington Peninsula.

You can also deposit your donation directly to Willum Warrain

Having Deductible Gift Recipient status, enables Willum Warrain to provide a tax exempt receipt for all donations.


Our Bank: Bendigo

Full name of account: Charity Fund Willum Warrain

BSB: 633000

Account number: 142264100

If you make a donation, keep a record of your deposit as a form of proof for tax deductions. Any amount over AU$2 is tax-deductible.

Thanks for helping us out!

Contact our Gathering Place Coordinator for more information on 0403 528 034 or email us using the form found here.