Willum Warrain currently has over 450 Aboriginal members and over 500 non-Indigenous members.

Membership is available to all people over the age of 18 who have lived on the Mornington Peninsula or who have links to this area through work, family or other connections.

We currently have three categories of membership available:-

  • Full membership for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

  • Associate memberships for non-Indigenous kin, friends and supporters.

  • Organisational membership for business, non-government and government agencies.

Become a Full or Associate member by filling in the membership form below and submitting.

Become an Organisational member by contacting our Gathering Place Coordinator for further information on 5979 1391 or 0403 528 034 or gpc@willumwarrain.org.au



18+ years old only

Please click on either the FULL MEMBER or ASSOCIATE MEMBER box below:

*As a healing place, Willum Warrain supports all Aboriginal members on their journey of self-identification. Please note that this form is NOT a confirmation of Aboriginality. To obtain a Confirmation of Aboriginality please email our coordinator for a copy of our policy.

Click here to view Willum Warrain’s Code of Conduct

Clicking the ‘Agree & Submit’ button below confirms that you have read and agree to the above Code of Conduct policy – you understand that your membership can be cancelled if you breach the code and that you are submitting this document which you believe in good faith to be true and correct, and acknowledge that deliberate falsification of this document may have legal consequences.

PLEASE NOTE: You are not able to apply for membership if you are on the Sex Offenders Register (VIC and other jurisdictions) and that you are signing a document that you believe in good faith to be true and correct and deliberate falsification may have legal consequences.