We only grow and sell the Murnong species (Microseris walteri) that sustained our mobs across South East Australia for thousands of years. It was our staple. This is the sweet one, especially when slow cooked over fire or in the oven. Think coconut. All parts of the plant are edible, leaves, flowers and, most importantly, the delicious tubers. When you plant these seeds, you are healing country. Imagine if every yellow daisy flower you saw was murnong. Like it once was, before sheep came. With your help, we can undo damage to country and have a good feed at the same time. If you plant in autumn, your family can have roast murnong on Xmas Day!

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Plant these murnong in autumn and into winter. Full sun – part shade. Poke the black seed tips into the soil with the seed heads sticking out. If this is too much hassle, lay them down and cover lightly. Keep moist and the beautiful green shoots will unfurl in a few weeks. By Xmas, they will be ready to harvest. Too deadly!



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